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About us

Our aim is to help those who feel stuck in their lives, have questions about themselves or about their environment, struggle with obstacles that are confusing or overwhelming. Kréné provides a safe, empathic environment and quality professional treatment for those in need. Our mixed profile allows for therapeutic treatment for different age groups: apart from children, adolescents and adults, couples and families can also get therapeutic help from us. We offer therapy in Hungarian, English, German, Spanish, Russian and Hebrew both for adults and for children. Clients living abroad can use our Skype therapy service.

Our mission

Our choice of name draws on antique philosophy and expresses our approach: the ancient Greek expression, Kréné is the symbol of the well and the source. It represents the found well and the water hidden in the depth that flashes first and then breaks open as a spring. This spring becomes the well we can draw from and find relief in its depth. All this is in harmony with our psychoanalytical method, with the processes of observing our internal life, using of relationships as a resource and bringing up what is found deep down: the joy of insight.

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The founders:
Tímea Kardos (Head of Clinic) and Anna J. Campos